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Created just for you!

Yugo was founded for a very specific purpose:
To connect passengers to transport service providers anytime and anywhere in Mauritius.

Developed especially for the local market, the App is adapted to make everyone’s lives easier! Innovative features like live tracking and cashless payment make Yugo the go-to App for locals and visitors when travelling around Mauritius. It is easy to use and, thanks to its ability at storing data automatically, incurs low data consumption.

Yugo also aligns itself with the Government’s vision to digitalise the Mauritian transporting system.

Keeps our roads safe

Say NO to drunk driving! Book yourself a ride with Yugo and get your loved ones home, safe and sound.

Reduces Traffic

Taxis, driving around aimlessly looking for customers, polluting the air...? Not anymore!

Generates Extra Income

Yugo Partners will be pleased! With more passengers connecting through the App, drivers can extend their reach, getting more customers and more money wink

Yugo is just for you!

Always in a rush, there’s never enough hours in a day to do everything you got to? No stress! Quickly book your taxi while you get ready - you’ll find your ride on your doorstep just in time!

It’s Friday night, you’re looking forward to a great wine & dine evening with friends. Only downside: who’s gonna sacrifice to drive? Easy peasy! Just book yourself a taxi to get to and from the party.

Carrying cash or even a card: what a hassle, right? Just top up your Yugo Wallet before you leave, and pay in style at the end of your trip!

You’re so independent, it’s actually hard to rely on friends and family for airport drop offs/pickups. Well here Yugo!

How frustrating is it to haggle for a fair price?! The answer is: VERY! But fear no more, fairness is at Yugo’s core.

Here’s one! No, that guy just stole your spot! Avoid the hassle of looking for a parking: it’s so easy to simply book a taxi!

Planning has become an art for the control freak that you are. Well here’s your chance! With Yugo you can easily book in advance...

Home, work – routine! Save them to your favourites and ride in a click!

How to find us


Mezzanine Floor, Hermes House,
INOVA Riche Terre Business Park
Riche Terre, Mauritius


+230 260 2626

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