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Got A Question?

These are Frequently Asked Questions listed to help you make the most of Yugo and its features.

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    Creating an Account

    Easy peasy!

    Just download Yugo from Google Play or App Store, create your Account using your mobile number, and start booking right away!

    Nope! Unless you would like to get receipts from your rides, your e-mail address is only an option

    No one. Your details (phone number/email address) are strictly confidential! The only information you actually have to share is your name – and so, only with your driver, once he accepts your booking.

    Please see our Privacy Policy for more details

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    Referral & Promo Codes

    A personal code, given to you so that you can share it with your friends & family and get free credits in your Yugo Wallet when they download and use the App.

    To pay for your upcoming rides.

    Please note free credits are not transferrable, nor can they be exchanged for cash.

    A code you receive from Yugo during its promotional campaigns, allowing you to have discounted fares on specific trips.

    Instead of actually paying, you simply need to enter the promo code and the total fare will automatically reflect the discount.

    Please note promo codes are not transferrable, nor can they be exchanged for cash.

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    Payments & Wallet

    You can pay your trips… using the money from your Yugo Wallet; by Credit Card; or in Cash, depositing the money directly into your driver’s hands. You may also have the Business Wallet option if your company has listed you as a beneficiary.

    This is against the rules! With Yugo, you have absolute freedom to choose the most convenient payment method for your trip. And if your driver insists, please do let us know by giving us feedback when rating him/her at the end of your trip. Let’s face it! In this day and age, Cashless payment is the way to go. No one shall be allowed to say otherwise

    A revolution!

    The Yugo Wallet is a cashless payment method that enables you to pay with a click of a button. Recharge the App Wallet and pay your driver in minutes, without having to carry cash or your credit card

    Credit Card, Prepaid Card, Bank Transfer, MCB Juice – the choice is yours

    Go to My Wallet » Tap “Add Money” » Select “By Credit Card” » Enter the amount you want to add » Enter your Credit Card details to process your payment » Your Wallet will be instantly credited.

    Note - Yugo does not have the possibility to save your credit card details or charge your card automatically. the process is manual and will have to be completed and verified by the card holder each time.

    Go to My Wallet - Tap “Add Money” - Select “By Bank Transfer”. A Pop Up with Yugo’s Banking Details will appear.

    Complete the transfer, using your Yugo ID as your reference, and upload a screenshot of your proof of payment - Tap “Done”.

    Please note the added amount will only reflect in your Wallet once Yugo has received the money in its Bank Account.

    Go to My Wallet - Tap “Add Money” - Select “By MCB Juice”. A Pop Up with Yugo’s Merchant ID will appear.

    Complete the transfer, using your Yugo ID as your reference, and upload a screenshot of your Juice proof of payment - Tap “Done”.

    Please note the added amount will reflect in your Wallet between 1 to 24 hours after the transfer.

    Thats tricky! Funds added to the Yugo wallet are non refundable and cannot be transferred, processed or reversed to your credit card or bank account. 

    We urge you to only credit or topup your wallet with the amounts that you believe you will require. Alternatively, just pay with your card at the end of the ride.

    However, credits in your Yugo wallet are forever and do not expire.

    Most certainly! Just ask for one once your trip is completed, add in your e-mail address and you will receive it within an hour.

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    Your ride includes:

    • The minimum Rs 150 base fare + the price of the travelled distance, calculated in Kms;
    • Waiting charges if applicable;
    • Supplement for night charges and public holidays, as and when.

    Please note that all charges, if applicable, will be automatically calculated through the App. Unless you wish to tip your driver, no additional charges shall apply.

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    I have booked a taxi…Now what?

    You can Chat with your driver via the App’s chat channel. The chat option is opened when your driver has accepted the trip and is closed once the trip ends.

    This is completely up to you!  If you loved your ride, then by all means do reward your driver

    Your personal User ID allows you to cancel a booking request for free, up to a maximum of 3 times. Simply provide us with reasons to do so and you’ll be off the hook. Please note, however, that after the 3rd cancellation, you will be charged the basic fare rate of Rs 150 as cancellation fee.

    Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.

    You are more than welcome to do so. However, please note that Yugo will accumulate waiting charges per minute, which will be reflected in your total fare at the end of your trip.

    Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.

    You most certainly can! The more, the merrier… right? Please note, however, that a maximum of 4 passengers are allowed in a vehicle for your comfort and safety. Additionally, the stops you make along the way to your final destination will be calculated as waiting charges, which will reflect in your final bill.

    Your driver will most certainly be happy to change route and, why not, take a shortcut, should you wish to do so. Yugo will automatically reroute the map, and the estimated fare will be re-calculated accordingly.  Your total fare at the end of your trip will reflect the overall travelled distance, including waiting charges (if any).

    Up to you!  If you would like to cut your trip short, you just need to inform your driver – he is the only one who can end a trip and instantly send you a receipt via the App. Please note, however, that you will pay for the travelled distance, including waiting charges (if any).

    Simply go to “My Trips” and tap “Pending trips” to see all the trips that are in the queue.

    This is important so that Yugo can improve its services and also reward Yugo Partners for their exemplary work.

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    SOS & Protection of Information

    Get in touch – we are eager to hear from you!

    Just go to the “contact page” and leave your details – we’ll get back to you asap

    These are the numbers of two people whom you trust and would like to contact in case of emergency.

    The 2 Emergency Numbers you have listed will receive a SOS SMS with your exact location and your phone will automatically dial 148 to reach The Police Crime Prevention Unit.

    Please note that this feature is to be used only if you feel you are in REAL danger. Misuse of this emergency service can lead to prosecution charges.

    Yugo does not share any of your personal information with the driver, not even your phone number and email address. The only information your driver receives is your User Name (as per your entry), as well as your pick up and drop off locations.

    Yugo encourages you to be selective of the information you share with your driver during your ride and will not be responsible for any misuse of information you voluntarily decide to communicate.

    For more details regarding sharing of information, please see our Privacy Policy.

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    Business Profile

    A personal profile that is linked to and charges your company’s Yugo Corporate Account when you book a ride.

    First and foremost, you need to check with your employer whether your company is registered under a Yugo Corporate Account. 

    If so, you can request your employer to create your personal Employee Secret Code on your behalf.

    Once you’re granted these two elements:

    Open the App and go to your Profile » Tap on “Register My Business Profile” » Enter your Employee Secret Code » Tap on “Register” to save your Business Profile

    Easy peasy!

    Tap on “Book a Taxi” » Enter your pick up and drop off locations » Choose your type of taxi » Tap on “Book Now” for immediate pick up, or “Book Later” to schedule a ride.

    Once you get to the screen with the Estimated Fare, simply tap on “Payment Method” and select “Company Wallet”. Tap “Done”, then “Confirm Ride”.

    Upon arrival at your destination, after your driver has ended the trip, you will receive a receipt on the App. Tap “Confirm Payment”, rate your driver to complete the trip, and you’re done

    Simply select “Company Wallet” as your payment method and your company’s account will be automatically debited.

    One of two reasons: either your Company does not have a Yugo Corporate Account; or else you have not been given permission to use this feature. 

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