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These are Frequently Asked Questions listed to help you make the most of Yugo and its features.

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    Getting Started

    If you’re a Taxi Driver who’s legally licensed by the National Transport Authority (NTA), and if you have a Smartphone with a data plan, do join the Yugo family!

    Here’s the good news! Becoming a Yugo Partner is ABSOLUTELY FREE! All you need is a Smartphone with a data plan, and you’re all set!

    To stay connected of course! If you want passengers to find you, you’ll need to be online, or else you won’t qualify with the App to receive bookings.

    Quick and easy!

    Download the Yugo Partner App from Google Play or App Store à Create an Account using your cell phone number à Upload the required documents and photos of your Taxi à Sit back & relax while we process your registration!

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    Required Documents

    • Your valid Taxi Driver’s licence
    • Your valid Vehicle Registration documents
    • Your valid Vehicle Insurance Papers
    • Your National Identity Card
    • A recent morality certificate.

    Best part is, we do not even need a physical copy. Just upload photos on the app itself during signup.

    Of the utmost importance if you want to receive your earnings! All payments made by passengers through the App will be directly credited to your Bank Account.

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    Morality Certificate

    You can still register and become a Yugo Partner, but you have 3 months to arrange for and submit your morality certificate.

    Just visit the Police Divisional Headquarters closest to you with Rs 100 and the following documents:

    • Birth Certificate (computerised A4 format)
    • National Identity Card
    • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
    • Proof of Residence in Mauritius (CEB, CWA or Telecom bill)

    Yugo strives to offer safe and reliable services to all its users, which is why it is important that we select the most suitable Partners to represent the company.

    In the end, it’s a win-win for all: happy customers come back for more, and Yugo Partners get more returns.

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    Fares & Service Fee

    It all depends on the distance to travel, but you will see all these details when you receive a booking. The base fare is Rs 150 – it increases the further you have to drive and excludes waiting charges and tips (if any).

    For details on Fares, please see our Partner Addendum.

    The Yugo Service Fee refers to the 15% levied by Yugo as a commission. It excludes tips (if any) or Rs 50 per trip – whichever is higher.

    For more details on the Yugo Service Fee, please see our Partner Addendum.

    You can just do a Bank Transfer directly into Yugo Limited’s Bank Account, then upload your proof of payment or deposit your slip through the App. In both cases, your Wallet will be reconciled accordingly.

    If you owe Yugo Rs. 500 or more, we reserve the right to temporarily block your Yugo Partner ID until you settle your accounts.

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    Accepting a booking

    When a passenger who’s within 5-Km of your location requests a ride, you will receive a notification. All details for pickup and drop off, as well as the estimated fare, will be communicated to you – all you have to do is accept; you’ll have 30 seconds to do so.


    Upon acceptance, you must pick up your passenger immediately » or let him/her know why there will be a delay, using the Chat option to communicate with the passenger.


    Once the Passenger is seated, tap on “Start Ride”. And when you reach the drop off location, tap “End Ride”.


    Once this is done, tap on “Send Receipt” so that the passenger can pay you accordingly. When s/he pays by Cash, please collect the money and rate the passenger to complete the service. Your Wallet will instantly be debited with the Yugo Service Fee.


    When the passenger pays by Credit Card or through his/her Wallet, you will receive a notification to inform you that the payment has been made, and your Wallet will be instantly credited accordingly. 


    Please always rate the passenger to complete the service.

    The choice is yours to accept or decline a booking request!

    You can, but it comes at a price.

    Once you have accepted a booking request, your passenger will be expecting you and, should you wish to cancel, you will have to pay a cancellation fee. 

    Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

    Our rating system is in place to help keep our Yugo Partners safe and comfortable at all times.  By giving us feedback, you will be allowing us to identify the passengers who have low ratings due to misconduct towards their driver.

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    My Earnings

    Most certainly! Simply log in a Withdraw Request through the App, and we will process payment to your Bank Account within the next working day.

    Your earnings will be reconciled and transferred to your registered Bank Account every Friday.

    Fear not! This happens when passengers paid you in Cash, meaning you owe Yugo Limited its 15% service fee.

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    Referral Codes & Incentives

    These are given to you upon joining the Yugo Family, so that you may share them with other Taxi drivers.


    When drivers insert your Referral Codes upon registration with Yugo Limited, you will automatically receive free credits in your Wallet. 

    They are rewards reserved for Yugo Partners who achieve the highest number of transfers and/or reach the highest ratings from passengers. The more you earn through Yugo, the bigger your incentives!

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